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Add Your Site to Lycos

Here's how to add your site on Lycos. Please come back to this page and submit updates when your webpages change.

 Find Your Site on Lycos
Your webpage(s) may already have been found by Lycos. Use our Site Finder to see if your webpage(s) is registered with us:
Enter your URL:

 Add Your Site Now

Use this form to submit a webpage to Lycos. Please submit one page at a time. Enter your URL and email below (both are required):

Enter your URL:
Enter your email address:
Please notify me about future Lycos service enhancements.

Once your site has been spidered, it will be entered into our catalog within 2 to 3 weeks and will be available to the approximately 7 million visitors to Lycos each day. Registering your site is absolutely free.

 Tips on Adding a Site

  • You may submit more than one URL from your site as long as the URLs represent distinct webpages. Multiple pages that contain the same content will not be added.

  • The Lycos spider will try to travel through links contained in the webpage you submit. A good rule of thumb is to count on the spider traveling down one level from the page you submit.

  • Please do not submit webpages with these symbols in the URL: ampersand (&), percent sign (%), equals sign (=), dollar sign ($) or question mark (?). Our spider does not recognize them.

  • Having trouble entering your URL? Make sure you've typed in the whole address, including appropriate prefixes (i.e., http://www.) and a trailing slash ("/") if the URL doesn't include a file name (e.g.,

 Maintaining Your Site

  • If you change your URL, please add your new site to Lycos using the form above. (Think of it as a change of address form.)

  • Keep your site live. Our spider revisits all sites on a periodic basis. If our spider can't connect to your site over an extended period (about 4 weeks), it will be deleted from our rolling catalog. (If your site goes back online, it's easy to add it in again.)

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