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The day Thailand lost sovereignty to IMF,  12/04/98

Thanong Khanthong and Vatchara Charoonsantikul say Thailand has lost its sovereignty since the former Chavalit government, without parliamentary or public scrutiny, committed the country to the IMF programme in August 1997.


Looking into the IMF offerings,  12/05/98

Vatchara Charoonsantikul and Thanong Khanthong look at the state of the Chavalit government before it sought support from the International Monetary Fund, which is ironically being used as a basis for a political onslaught on the current administration.


IMF pressured Chaiyawat to declare swaps 12/07/98

Vatchara Charoonsantikul and Thanong Khanthong take an inside look at Chaiyawat-Fisher negotiations for the IMF rescue package.