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Stories on more specific attempts to solve the problems of banks and finance companies are stored here.

Articles are listed on dates

10/09/2000: Bangkok Bank's man with a mission

10/05/2000: Investors to lose Bt3.4bn, staff warn

09/13/2000: TBA advises 'summary court' to speed up NPL cases

06/13/2000: SCIB sale needs hard rethink

05/15/2000: Bank authorities must act decisively, says Dresdner chief

04/09/2000: Sirin prepares defence against pending charge

03/06/2000: Pin determined to fight extradition

02/16/2000: Crunch for Bangkok Bank

02/02/2000: TMB to try again

01/20/2000: Thai clients will benefit from Schroders' sell-off

12/29/1999: No New Year holidays for Thai bankers

12/24/1999: Bank to cut 700 jobs in new year shock for staff

12/08/1999: Safra was a byword in conservative banking

10/30/1999: British-owned bank on road back to health

09/07/1999: Terms of NTB deal kept secret

08/31/1999: TFB, govt compromise needed

08/25/1999: Dousing 'fire' from the top

08/19/1999: KTB's NPLs may hit 67%

08/18/1999: Night of long knives looks extended at KTB

08/16/1999: Big bumps ahead for banks

08/13/1999: Public pays for banking gamble

08/12/1999: Tarrin trumpets banks' stability

08/10/1999: SCC banking on new debentures

08/09/1999: Chuan says he has total faith in Tarrin

07/31/1999: Commercial banks still to run down assets

07/29/1999: Bankruptcy suit could affect TMB's search for partner

07/29/1999: Caution urged on bank sale

06/24/1999: Moody's incurs wrath of banks

06/10/1999: Tarrin warns alien banks over interest

06/05/1999: Banks urged to tap buoyant market for funds

05/25/1999: Thai Farmers cuts rate to historic low

05/24/1999: Thailand becomes 'the land of silent screamers'

05/22/1999: War on interest rates reaches fever pitch as Banthoon criticises Tarrin

05/21/1999: SCB puts emphasis on liquidity

05/03/1999: SCB's global offering draws good response

04/29/1999: NTB inks deal with StanChart

04/23/1999: Nakornthon poses a dilemma for regulators

04/19/1999: Political will at highest level needed to tackle KTB woes

04/07/1999: Olarn failed to recognise signs, leaves as 'fall guy'

03/17/1999: Supachai's NPL proposal worth considering

03/10/1999: Tarrin's diminishing stature may fuel compromise

02/19/1999: Few takers for KTB presidency

02/11/1999: BBL shares tumble on bad loans

01/20/1999: Investors look for a public offering in '99

01/08/1999: Banthoon strikes the right notes

12/17/1998: Amaret admits sale of assets is a big flop

12/16/1998: FRA sale threatens asset price collapse

12/09/1998: SCB becomes Finance Ministry's pet student

11/27/1998: Banking chief seeks relaxed NPL rules

11/11/1998: Chuan must script a gripping finale

11/07/1998: Behind the downtrend in loan rate

10/28/1998: Banks allowed too many carrots and not enough stick

08/21/1998: Tarrin carries the day in tough reform manoeuvres

08/18/1998: New foreign banks may have missed the boat

08/17/1998: Bank bail-out plan hostage to many factors

08/17/1998: Leading up to Tarrin's banking reform package

08/14/1998: Govt seeks massive bond issue to save banks

08/06/1998: Soothing fears via Tier Two

08/05/1998: Besieged Tarrin told to chose right model

07/28/1998: Vehicle funds for banking woes urged

07/07/1998: Recapitalisation must move ahead

06/26/1998: 'Danger, opportunity' in crisis

05/30/1998: Plan for new capital affects share prices

05/15/1998: Study puts price of crisis at Bt5 trillion

04/23/1998: 'Good bank' chairman faces auction dilemma

04/23/1998: BBL recapitalises in wake of TFB's great success

03/26/1998: BOT set to announce Bt360 bn loss

03/23/1998: Sellout not the end for tycoon

03/02/1998: Public will ultimately pay for FIDF bailouts

02/28/1998: TFB vows to maintain its independence

02/21/1998: Recapitalisation threatens hold of families on Thai banks

02/13/1998: Privatisations will help foot bills of bankrupt financial sector

02/10/1998: Bank inefficiency raises questions

01/27/1998: Santa Claus comes to the rescue again

01/26/1998: A bold move on BMB that comes too late

01/19/1998: Citibank winner in economic turmoil

01/13/1998: Liquidation process poses major challenge for FRA

12/24/1997: Liquor, banking never mixed well for tycoon

11/14/1997: Interference by BOT puts dampers on recovery efforts 

10/23/1997: Finance bailout could cost Bt300 bn

10/15/1997: Govt package gets cautious welcome

10/14/1997: Measures to reform financial system downgraded by political interference

10/13/1997: Rescue finishes up as a farce

08/14/1997: Public faces Bt100-bn rescue bill

08/09/1997: Sharks feeding off money crisis

08/07/1997: More fiascos still possible

08/06/1997: Govt pulls plug on 42 ailing firms

08/04/1997:  Dilemma for Cabinet over bailout decision

07/30/1997: Compromise appointment

07/28/1997: Creditors left with slim pickings

06/28/1997: 16 firms frozen as Thanong sets 'rescue' deadline

06/17/1997: 'Two-tier' or not 'Two-tier'

05/27/1997: Nava's future uncertain after Thanadee's death

05/26/1997: Fin-One a grim prospect

05/24/1997: Fin-One saga deepens financial wounds

04/28/1997: Full BBC inquiry urged

04/12/1997: Survival instincts call for return to oligarchy

04/07/1997: Secrecy marks 3-way merger at high speed

04/04/1997: The financier who came in from the cold

04/02/1997: Change of status quo puts BOA clan out in the cold

03/23/1997: Catching up on supervision

03/21/1997: Authorities turn heat on 'close ties'

03/17/1997: Lamenting the loss of Fin-One

03/15/1997: Hard work starts for 'must' deal

03/12/1997: Fin-One twosome go separate ways

03/10/1997: Fin-One fortune tied to SET

03/07/1997: Tackling crisis at its roots

03/07/1997: Paying the price for following the 'phooyai'

03/06/1997: A battle Rerngchai cannot afford to lose

03/05/1997: Mergers of finance firms 'inevitable' to stability

03/04/1997: Rescue plan may be too little to help firms

03/03/1997: Fin-One boss quits as rescue pondered

03/03/1997: Giant helpless as 'quicksand' traps economy

03/01/1997: Bear chews up takeover king

02/26/1997: Rerngchai promises full BBC inquiry

02/24/1997: BBC sell-off seen lone option for inept BOT

02/19/1997: Banque Indosuez brings WI Carr firmly under its wing


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