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Articles and reports on other issues and general businesses could be found here.

Articles are listed on dates

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06/18/2001: Going for the elusive pot of gold

05/17/2001: Payap smooth as silk

05/05/2001: Mr Coffee turns into Mr Bean

04/25/2001: Like father, like son

04/23/2001: CPB dumps 'antiquated' ways

03/20/2001: Lobbyist to head $150m fund

03/20/2001: Quayle Called It

01/24/2001: So what's your MBA worth?

12/29/2000: During crash at home, local hoteliers thrive abroad

12/04/2000: Thai Rak Thai 'more activist'

11/03/2000: Gore victory better for Thailand, says report

11/02/2000: BBL report analyses impact of Gore, Bush

10/20/2000: GM ready to enter export top ten

10/16/2000: Landmark to buy another London hotel

10/16/2000: Jatuporn to build on UK success story

10/11/2000: Wijan wealth gets a timely reality check

10/06/2000: Life insurance firm deals SET hopes a blow

10/04/2000: Dispute over KR Precision rights issue

10/03/2000: Boxing clever with new-found wealth

10/02/2000: New CEO outlines ambitious plans for SCNB

09/06/2000: Thaksin to sell Shin stake to son

07/29/2000: 'Asean+3' in regional cooperation talks

07/10/2000: Sogo to keep Bangkok presence

07/05/2000: Net-savvy teens drift away from traditional media

06/08/2000: Bangchak's leap of faith is rewarded

05/11/2000: Belgian violinist inspires Thais

03/20/2000: Trimmed Swedish Motors rolls into profit

03/16/2000: Court hailed for historic TPI verdict

03/16/2000: TPI ruling fails to halt slide on stock market

03/14/2000: TPI sees fortunes change

02/25/2000: Expert says e-commerce vital to Asean

02/13/2000: GE's battle plan for executives

02/07/2000: Thai corporate governance under a cloud

02/03/2000: Lam Soon meeting opposed

02/02/2000: Thaksin plans iTV takeover

02/01/2000: Investors hope to block rise

01/26/2000: New SEC chief has global message

12/05/1999: His Majesty the King Man of the Century

11/23/1999: Govt passivity on WTO deal draws flak

11/22/1999: Loy Krathong: Festive air for a night of worship

11/06/1999: Keeree may lose control of BTSC

11/05/1999: Majestic splendour

06/28/1999: First salvo fired in whisky war

06/22/1999: Bloomberg plays down cyber-craze

06/10/1999: MasterCard feels heat of crisis

04/30/1999: Winds of change bring new business risks

04/26/1999: Goldman Sachs tries to protect bid for hotel

04/09/1999: Goldman Sachs winning battle for Regent Hotel

03/27/1999: 'No hope' for rival bid for hotel

11/21/1998: Auditor called to account in SEC row

10/10/1998: How does the tax pact with the US work?

07/08/1998: Dual-purpose alliance provides money, know-how

06/26/1997: Debut of Lotus fuels shopping fever in China

05/14/1997: Machine over mankind: A new order asserts itself

04/03/1997: At Heaven's Gate, God's door is knocked upon

03/27/1997: New players 'weigh' on insurance

01/06/1997: Amnuay skips SEC chair to thwart 'interference'

01/01/1997: Nation looks to another 50 years of virtuous reign

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