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Reports and articles on the overall picture of the crisis are archived here.

Articles are listed on dates


11/30/2001: Rerngchai is not the only culprit in crisis

11/28/2001: Rerngchai - sinner or scapegoat?

11/28/2001: How the baht was 'attacked'

11/23/2001: Berli shares soar 30% on bid

11/22/2001: Foreigners buoy PTT price

11/17/2001: PTT'S IPO: 85-second sell-out 'suspicious'

11/16/2001: RECOVERY DELAYED: Rebuilding trust ‘vital to growth’

11/16/2001: PTT SHARE OFFER: Sold out in 67 seconds

11/13/2001: THAI opposed to regional pool plan

11/12/2001: SET chief comes under fire

11/08/2001: MONETARY POLICY: BOT declines to follow US lead

10/16/2001: Plan for new tourist body

10/11/2001: CEO Thaksin grabs the reins

10/08/2001: IMF ECONOMIC REPORT: Productivity key to growth

10/06/2001: Somkid says it's 'the best ever'

10/04/2001: Somkid takes on history at THAI

09/13/2001: GLOBAL GLOOM: Attacks threaten growth

09/07/2001: Airline board paid price for internal conflict

09/04/2001: Narongchai cleared over GF loans

08/23/2001: IMF 'BAIL-OUT': FOURTH ANNIVERSARY: A bruising lesson in global hardball

08/22/2001: Regional solidarity to bail out Thailand

08/21/2001: The fall of Rerngchai

08/20/2001: BAHT CRASH: Thailand dragged its heels

08/14/2001: 'Teetering on edge of recession'

08/06/2001: Curtain falls on PM's opera

07/26/2001: LOOKING INWARD: Thaksin's alternative

07/25/2001: PM 'failed to groom an heir'

07/02/2001: Choices: Go broke or baht goes

06/26/2001: Deficit threat looms

06/13/2001: Local, offshore gap narrows

06/11/2001: Banks' free ride is over

06/02/2001: Outspoken economist with PM's ear

05/30/2001: PM cuts loose

05/30/2001: A casualty of independence

05/28/2001: A case of desperate times crying out for extreme measures

05/24/2001: BOT POLICY ROW: IMF stands firm behind governor

05/21/2001: Chaotic 100 days for Thailand Inc's CEO

05/19/2001: CURRENCY SWAP: US $4 bn in credit sought

05/19/2001: New kid on the block at Finance speaks out

05/16/2001: Politician-turned-vintner prepares to toast Thaksin

05/10/2001: Thaksin, Jiang break bread

05/10/2001: Hong Kong welcomes Thaksin

05/09/2001: Movers, shakers and the PM

05/03/2001: RESTORING INVESTOR CONFIDENCE: Premier seeks to clear the air

04/22/2001: Chaowarin honoured with statue at Lijia

04/18/2001: Indiana Chaowarin and The Temple of Gloom

04/06/2001: BOT admits forex market intervention

04/04/2001: Baht speculation 'rampant'

04/03/2001: Thaksin gives quiet nod to market fund

03/23/2001: Will he still be 'walking tall'?

03/13/2001: Thaksin 'always knew he could be PM' - aide

03/11/2001: Pin blames system for his downfall

03/07/2001: Anand outlines ties to group of giants

03/06/2001: Thaksin treats bureaucrats to corporate vision

02/17/2001: World Bank says AMC is 'no magic solution'

02/15/2001: Somkid promises he'll do it his way

02/15/2001: Stay the course, urges Tarrin

02/14/2001: Thai Rak Thai pays little heed to IMF plea

02/13/2001: Somkid's 'rivals' never in running

02/07/2001: US banker warns Asia of 'reform fatigue'

01/31/2001: Party politics prevented truce in baht war with Soros

01/30/2001: Soros' part in the economic crisis

01/29/2001: Restructuring role urged for AMC

01/29/2001: Tackling global capitalism

01/25/2001: Soros to enter enemy territory

01/24/2001: The lesson of Tarrin's plight: know your (time) limits

01/22/2001: TRT policies may have to be 'adjusted'

01/17/2001: Thai Rak Thai likely to clash with IMF

01/11/2001: Somkid - who else could it be?

12/18/2000: Democrat, TRT coalition 'is best option'

12/15/2000: Nationalism: Yes Xenophobia: No

11/30/2000: Thaksin to lead Thailand Inc

11/29/2000: Vichai vows to steer recovery

11/28/2000: Thaksin makes inroads on Democrat turf

11/23/2000: Stimulus from poll put at Bt25 billion

11/20/2000: Thaksin's Bt50-billion albatross

11/16/2000: Governor keeps his powder dry

11/16/2000: Fresh faces come to aid of all parties

11/10/2000: Bush will be good news for Thailand

11/08/2000: From Al Gore, Thailand expected so much more

10/31/2000: Ex-BOT chief urges return to fast growth

10/28/2000: Stability a key for next govt

10/17/2000: Last-ditch bid to speed up slow economy

10/17/2000: But where's the cash to pay for it?

10/04/2000: Little contrast in debt plans

9/28/2000: Supachai asks again for national AMC

9/26/2000: G-7 countries leave Asia to look after itself

09/18/2000: Tarrin takes off the gloves, faces critics

09/15/2000: Parties wooing voters with tax-cut packages

09/13/2000: TBA advises 'summary court' to speed up NPL cases

09/07/2000: Fears over capital account outflows

09/05/2000: Democrats rethink nationalisation of NPLs

09/05/2000: Virabongsa diagnoses ills, offers no cure

08/29/2000: Amaret points to structural weakness

08/26/2000: Politics seen as main threat to central banks

08/14/2000: Still no sign of blue skies for banks

08/11/2000: A blurred economy, but little risk of new crisis

08/04/2000: Clear debts in two years, Thailand told

08/04/2000: Calls for more inflationary growth

07/31/2000: IMF urges Fed to up interest rates again

07/22/2000: Baht hovers as Fed, BOT pull in opposite directions 

07/19/2000: Measures a result of long deliberation

06/19/2000: Thailand bids adieu to IMF programme

06/17/2000: Tax boost for property sector

06/16/2000: Next govt likely to follow Chuan's reforms

06/16/2000: Low inflation a boon to recovery

06/02/2000: Receptive IMF chief seeks new approach

05/31/2000: Ammar urges end to deficit spending

05/31/2000: IMF chief here to see for himself

05/29/2000: The elusive crisis fix

05/29/2000: Buy non-performing loans, govt advised

05/24/2000: Signs indicate Thailand on recovery path

05/24/2000: BOT agrees to give Bt130-bn for FIDF debts

05/22/2000: US rate hike fuels shift in baht policy

05/18/2000: Thaksin's trio plays entrepreneurs tune

05/11/2000: Crisis of confidence as investors flee

05/10/2000: New anchor for Thai post-crisis economy

05/08/2000: Asian agreement pits region's clout against speculators

05/08/2000: US cautious about Chiang Mai Initiative

05/07/2000: Asian leaders join to protect region’s finances

05/06/2000: Asian fund seen as tough nut to crack

05/05/2000: Rising public debt challenges govt

05/05/2000: ADB targets Asian fund

05/04/2000: Mr Yen confident of Asian rebound

05/04/2000: Currency swap calls for $20bn support

05/01/2000: Chuan lacks 'New Economy' vision

04/27/2000: Credit woes may scuttle recovery

04/24/2000: Four ways of tackling debt woes

04/18/2000: Global markets follow US stock slide

04/13/2000: Views differ on urgency of FIDF debt

04/11/2000: Politics won't slove policy disputes

04/10/2000: Sirin may be scapegoat in big BOT battle

04/09/2000: Sirin prepares defence against pending charge

04/06/2000: Monk's fund had moral merit

04/05/2000: Controlling the hedge funds

04/03/2000: Exchange-rate debate rages on

04/01/2000: Tarrin's plans for the economy

04/01/2000: Kim urges hedge fund watch

04/01/2000: Rich nations told to open up

03/28/2000: Moratorium could break the bank

03/23/2000: Let govt absorb bad loans to spur growth

02/28/2000: Baht defence probe going overboard

02/21/2000: Growth-policy reassessment urged

02/19/2000: Weak companies drive down SET

02/17/2000: WB chief praises HM's 'sufficiency economy'

02/15/2000: Call for updated bankruptcy criteria

02/09/2000: Pre-crisis level still a year off

02/02/2000: Thailand set to part from IMF

01/31/2000: Central bank governor advises savers to join funds

01/27/2000: Former US Fed head set the precedent

01/15/2000: Greenspan factor lulls the markets

01/12/2000: Recovery won't last without real reform

01/10/2000: Thais facing prospect of 'lost decade'

12/22/1999: Fiscal stimulus alone cannot heal economy

12/21/1999: Asian recovery is fleeting: Krugman

12/17/1999: Confident Pin won't bow to Thai Courts

12/15/1999: Tarrin cautious despite lack of public interest

11/20/1999: Thailand scores high on restructuring

11/20/1999: Slowing US economy helps Asian recovery

09/18/1999: Debt-restructure efforts praised

09/10/1999: Baht comes under selling pressure

08/27/1999: Tarrin seems ahead in contentious recovery

08/24/1999: Opposition will try to outwit govt

08/23/1999: Economist rejects World Bank ideas

08/21/1999: Tarrin seems ahead in contentious recovery

08/21/1999: Growth will touch 3-4%, says IMF

08/16/1999: High return seen in equities

08/09/1999: Chuan says he has total faith in Tarrin

07/30/1999: Thailand needs progress and not dispute

07/24/1999: Award for Tarrin marks his recent achievements

06/25/1999: Thailand's credit is good

06/18/1999: Krugman doubts Asian recovery

06/10/1999: Tarrin looks for sustainable growth

06/07/1999: Asian bonds herald change in outlook

06/05/1999: Thai sovereign risk unlikely to be upgraded

06/04/1999: SET homes in on 'manipulator'

05/29/1999: Speculation grows on dollar/euro parity

05/17/1999: Govt to issue domestic bond to finance budget deficit

05/14/1999: Exit of Rubin marks end of a buoyant era

05/12/1999: Baht stability not tied to interest rates

05/05/1999: Top IMF official stresses new global financial architecture

05/05/1999: SET soars to 13-month high

05/01/1999: Foreign fund managers bet on an economic recovery

04/21/1999: Baht REER just an index, say officials

04/19/1999: Thatcher's style is solution to woes

04/03/1999: US$200m available to finance Thai deficit

04/03/1999: IMF sees 'risk of complacency'

03/31/1999: Tarrin fails to inspire the middle class

03/24/1999: Banking on spending for economic rebound

03/23/1999: Throwing light on Supachai's memo

03/21/1999: Not quite the favourite son of the Democrats

03/12/1999: Banks, industries back drive for bankruptcy bills

03/05/1999: Thai academics differ with IMF's Fischer

03/04/1999: Non-market measures urged as alternatives

03/03/1999: Academics join to attack IMF

02/27/1999: IMF not worthy of rates praise

02/26/1999: IMF provided the wrong prescription

02/25/1999: Lack of data made Thai woes worse

02/25/1999: Minister clarifies French stand

02/10/1999: Duelling economists stake their case

02/07/1999: Brazilian who sank baht now trying to save real

02/03/1999: Tarrin's falling out with Chat Pattana

02/02/1999: Doubts hang over Asia's future

01/18/1999: Rejecting bills could stall reform

01/15/1999: Looking into the Sao Paulo turmoil

12/30/1998: Perseverance does pay in the end

12/29/1998: Burdened with the country's future

12/21/1998: Euro to battle dollar but no easy ride for baht

12/07/1998: IMF pressured Chaiyawat to declare swaps

12/05/1998: Thailand saved by guardian angel

12/05/1998: Looking into the IMF offerings

12/04/1998: The day Thailand lost sovereignty to IMF

12/02/1998: Govt to opt for 5 per cent fiscal deficit

11/28/1998: Amendments to aid in debt restructuring

11/26/1998: Recovery hinges on banking bills

11/25/1998: Feared reform bills may actually help

11/20/1998: 'Middle path' pointed out to Apec

11/18/1998: US forces Apec to take new tack

11/17/1998: Learning from Thailand's mistakes

11/14/1998: APEC: Chuan expected to be focus of attention

11/12/1998: Thailand offers a financial role model

11/10/1998: Hedge funds spur currencies

11/09/1998: Time for KL to jump off tiger's back?

11/05/1998: Shoring up fiscal defences

11/04/1998: Japanese currency set to go global

11/03/1998: Olarn grins as hedge funds take battering

10/28/1998: Economic turnaround awaits laws passage

10/27/1998: Govt forces people to spend

10/22/1998: Ally Japan comes to the rescue of Thailand, yet again

10/10/1998: Dollar volatility could lead to global disaster

10/02/1998: Leaders wonder if curbs on hedge funds will help

09/29/1998: Ways to earn from capital flow

09/25/1998: Asia impact not certain

09/21/1998: Time to redesign the global capitalist system

09/17/1998: Bhuddist economics: Adhering to ethical standards

09/16/1998: Exchange controls in Malaysia lose 'punch'

09/12/1998: Japan mulls new crisis combat plan

09/07/1998: Global bonds require G-7 support

09/03/1998: Malaysian currency control move a symptom of 'FUDD'

09/02/1998: Mahathir bids to reverse IMF plan

08/26/1998: Letter to IMF pledges revolutionary reforms

08/21/1998: Tarrin carries the day in tough reform manoeuvres

08/19/1998: BOT to settle outstanding offshore debts

08/04/1998: Govt refines fiscal plan to stem rot

07/27/1998: Chuan, unemployment fund, please

07/21/1998: Overcapacity at core of collapse

07/20/1998: Weaker baht no guarantee of more exports

07/17/1998: Markets define baht value

07/07/1998: Recapitalisation must move ahead

07/01/1998: Rubin urges adherence to IMF

06/25/1998: Regional crisis helps stress need for corporate governance

06/24/1998: Confusion over debt restructuring

06/20/1998: Living with market and democracy

06/18/1998: Scarce resources hurt rescue

06/17/1998: Structural woes deepen Asia crisis

06/16/1998: EMU seen as role model for Asia

05/31/1997: Academic 'mirror' fails to give clear reflection

05/27/1998: Tarrin faces major task to ease crisis

05/26/1998: Easing social pressure with deficit of 'prudence'

05/22/1998: Fates of Chavalit, Suharto sealed in US

05/21/1998: Thirayuth's bombshell puts coalition on the defensive

05/20/1998: Global bond issue may be put off

05/14/1998: Economic growth forecast to be revised to -4% to -6%

05/06/1998: Officials' testimony was like 'Rashomon'

05/05/1998: Hectic days climax in baht flotation

04/25/1998: Behind the need for high rates

04/22/1998: Tarrin's policies irritate Supachai

04/10/1998: Nukul group ready with 'dynamite'

04/09/1998: Govt plans issue of $1 bn global bonds this year

03/26/1998: Amnuay's resignation triggered chaos in financial market

03/26/1998: BOT set to announce Bt360 bn loss

03/19/1998: PM flayed for Soros 'assignation'

03/19/1998: Debate puts spotlight on ex-PMs

03/13/1998: Chuan buries the hatchet in talks with Soros

03/11/1998: Fund managers see rising growth rate

03/06/1998: Ex-Reagan blasts IMF policy

03/05/1998: Amnuay contradicts Rerngchai

03/04/1998: Guilt by lack of accountability

03/03/1998: Rerngchai accuses several of his former aides of distorting financial crisis involvement

03/03/1998: Bleak future predicted for Indonesia

02/20/1998: Baht finally sees light at the end of tunnel

02/17/1998: Pegged baht wrong for Thailand

02/09/1998: Balanced approach out of dilemma urged

02/02/1998: 'Act tough' for extra boost to sentiments

01/30/1998: Asian pain represents gain for Washington investor

01/28/1998: PM, analysts unfazed by I'nesia debt moratorium

01/19/1998: Citibank winner in economic turmoil

01/17/1998: Repurchase rate to stay high towards Bt stability

01/15/1998: Country paying high price for lack of proper infrastructure

01/10/1998: Chances of recovery bleak, say analysts

01/09/1998: Ways to ease export financing woes

01/07/1998: IMF may be prescribing wrong medicine for Thailand

12/24/1997: Vichit tipped to be BOT governor

12/19/1997: Western powers gear for takeovers

12/16/1997: Baht following in won's footsteps

12/13/1997: Higher interest rates may not cure sick baht

12/12/1997: Team of experts from US tip local economy to wealth

12/10/1997: Candidates named for BOT probe

12/09/1997: Tarrin finds road to recovery

11/20/1997: S Korean currency problems a mirror image of our own

11/15/1997: Tough IMF medicine essential

11/14/1997: Interference by BOT puts dampers on recovery efforts 

11/14/1997: Fund may lead to Fortress Asia

11/03/1997: Finance expert urgently needed

10/21/1997: Thanong sought dignified way out

10/19/1997: Bankruptcy edging ever closer

10/09/1997: Doom and gloom or a ray of hope?

10/07/1997: Rupiah's new low drags down other regional currencies

10/03/1997: Still room to manoeuvre to avoid bankruptcy

09/26/1997: Resolve towards reform wins praises

09/26/1997: International money games intensify

09/25/1997: Capital account liberalisation prompts fears

09/24/1997: Thanong urged to take matters into his hands

09/24/1997: Rubin softens his stand on regional fund

09/24/1997: Crisis 'could have been avoided'

09/24/1997: Team works to draft bailout plan

09/23/1997: Thailand in bad boy role at gathering

09/20/1997: Euro sparks call for Asian unity

09/16/1997: BOT faces showdown with Soros

09/01/1997: Order for new era sought

09/01/1997: West rides on Asian money crisis

08/28/1997: Dealers downplay revelation on reserve

08/26/1997: BOT hid US$10 bn in swap contracts

08/25/1997: IMF helpless in averting collapse of private asset

08/25/1997: Threat of asset deflation looms

08/21/1997: New regime of fiscal discipline starts today

08/19/1997: Soros, Puey have little in common except school ties

08/17/1997: Virabongsa in at the deep end

08/15/1997: Bail-out shows EAEC potential

08/06/1997: A lay person's guide to IMF bail-out deal

08/05/1997: Caught between the IMF and a hard place

08/04/1997: Vital to comply with strict rules

08/04/1997: Dilemma for Cabinet over bailout decision

07/30/1997: Compromise appointment

07/29/1997: IMF expected to impose tough conditions

07/25/1997: Tarrin sees foreign aid as essential

07/24/1997: Two-horse race for central bank job

07/23/1997: One financial crisis may bring down house of cards

07/19/1997: Finance chiefs visit Tokyo to seek help

07/18/1997:  All lose in the foreign exchange debate

07/17/1997: Economist warns of hyperinflation threat

07/17/1997: Central bank needs 'complete revamp'

07/16/1997: Clear and above board finance regulations needed

07/11/1997: Big test for Tokyo as Thailand teeters

07/10/1997: Cry for help should have come first

07/07/1997: Push for reform package despite big boost to SET

07/04/1997: Free float only the first factor

07/03/1997: Damned if it did, and damned if it didn't

07/03/1997: Pickings may be slim for speculator Soros

06/30/1997: Liquidity and currency await sound measures

06/27/1997: State units 'key' to SET recovery

06/25/1997: CP chief seeks quick govt steps to save economy

06/23/1997: Central bank takes aim at raider Soros

06/23/1997: Crushing 'thought' of devaluation

06/21/1997: Minister answers call as Chavalit pulls rank

06/21/1997: Unsound steps force supremo off finance

06/20/1997: Successor required to steady rudderless ship

06/13/1997: Scramble on for speculators

06/13/1997: State unit shares tied to return of foreign investment

06/09/1997: Decisive action may stop recession

06/05/1997: Interest rate structure needs to be addressed

06/04/1997: Democrat's manifesto lacking

06/03/1997: The lights are on .... but nobody's home

06/02/1997: Thai dilemmas raised as negative image deepens

05/23/1997: BOT clarifies objection to slash in rates

05/20/1997: Speculators in baht hit even harder by BOT

05/19/1997: Opportunists reel from 'swap' shutdown

05/16/1997: BOT fights back in war against baht

05/16/1997: Pushing 'dual forex rates' as alternative to devaluation

05/15/1997: Defence of the baht takes on air of desperation

05/13/1997: Unwelcome intervention rocks bourse

05/10/1997: Budget deficit may lead to end of road

05/09/1997: Chance for new course seen in economic woes

05/06/1997: Devaluation seen as no quick fix for economy

04/25/1997: Amnuay lacks rock solid confidence

04/12/1997: Survival instincts call for return to oligarchy

04/09/1997: Democrats rally in defense of economy

03/26/1997: Sluggishness seen as cyclical not structural

03/26/1997: Business gets a call to take up the revolution

03/07/1997: Paying the price for following the 'phooyai'

03/06/1997: A battle Rerngchai cannot afford to lose

02/27/1997: Morgan Stanley maps out a route to recovery

02/24/1997: Phuket to promote greater cooperation

02/22/1997: Now this is where the buck should stop

02/18/1997: Foreign reserves dwindle as BOT defends the baht

02/17/1997: BOT remains opposed to devaluation

02/15/1997: Warning lends urgency to further belt-tightening

02/12/1997: Interest rate rise a burden for struggling business

02/11/1997: Central bank strikes back at speculators

02/08/1997: Baht falling prey to foreign speculation

02/05/1997: Fear, rumours, paranoid and the baht

02/04/1997: Economic outlook: Worse to come

02/03/1997: Success of CoCo issue a relief to Thai gloom

01/17/1997: Authorities erred in decision on baht

01/16/1997: BIBFs map unchartered territory

01/16/1997: Illusion fools foreign investors

01/15/1997: Account deficit needs axing

01/14/1997: Ambitious plans led to economy's decline

01/13/1997: Economy needed brakes years ago

01/08/1997: Chavalit's 'bitter pill' welcomed

01/05/1997: Contrarian's view of how to beat a battered bourse


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