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I've has been assigned to write articles for the editorial page. I am in the mood to write these articles so I named my column "Overdrive".

I put all my articles in Overdrive column here. Hope, you'll enjoy them.

11/30/2001: Rerngchai is not the only culprit in crisis

11/23/2001: Thaksinomics dead in Japanese waters

11/16/2001: Untouchable Sheriff rides into the sunset

11/09/2001: A letter from a misunderstood victim

11/02/2001: TRT finally accepts economic reality

10/26/2001: Virabongsa, Ammar agree to disagree

10/19/2001: Thaksin’s ‘visions’ could be blinding him

10/12/2001: Terrorists’ mission was work of the Devil

09/28/2001: Where is the character of the nation?

09/21/2001: Lo! Pig bombs and sushi shall befall them!

09/07/2001: Purachai battles for the soul of Bangkok

08/31/2001: This is your captain speaking. Goodbye!’

08/24/2001: Ghosts in the court of confusion

08/17/2001: Three Democrat musketeers take aim at PM

08/10/2001: How to write an honest majority opinion

08/03/2001: Pin case is a blow to Thai justice system

07/27/2001: We are facing an education crisis

07/20/2001: Bubble, bubble, toil and trouble

07/13/2001: Pridiyathorn gambles, but shows his cards

06/29/2001: Pie in the sky for middle class

06/22/2001: It’s the emotion quotient, stupid

06/15/2001: Rising buffalo-like from the ashes

06/08/2001: A royal tragedy in 'Poetic Nepal'

05/25/2001: PM, BOT chief locked in standoff

05/18/2001: Let Thammasat move students

05/11/2001: Thaksin tries a delicate balancing act

05/04/2001: At THAI, pigs really can fly

04/20/2001: Greenspan works on the fine art of manipulation

04/13/2001: Songkran: a homecoming, away from problems

04/06/2001: Somkid battles now to prop up the baht

03/30/2001: Thaksin must tackle capital market woes

03/23/2001: Thaksin and the delicate art of tightrope walking

03/16/2001: Time is running out for Thai industry

03/09/2001: Somkid needs to get out of first gear

03/02/2001: Thaksin forced to work with financial sector

02/23/2001: A Haiku journey into Suwannabhumi Inc

02/16/2001: New economic model may need a golden egg

02/09/2001: Marketing techniques and the 'Egg of Thaksin'

02/02/2001: Tarrin sees four fallacies in an AMC

01/26/2001: Thailand's future is in the lap of the gods

01/19/2001: The sad tale of Tarrin and the Democrats' defeat

01/12.2001: Thaksin: Robin Hood for the rural poor?

01/05/2001: Courage and virtue through Phra Jinaraj

12/29/2000: Show must go on, for Thaksin and country

12/22/2000: Bush, Chuan: a lesson in management styles

12/15/2000: In the end there was no time left for Gore

12/01/2000: Democrats ought to be aware of crying wolf

11/24/2000: Time for media to do some soul-searching

11/10/2000: Florida cliffhanger just a walk in the park for Thais

11/03/2000: A moody and powerful ghost named Market

10/27/2000: Rogue monks are clothed in the robes of deceit

10/20/2000: Bank sale is a serious restructuring step

10/13/2000: How to staunch the bleeding of capital?

09/29/2000: Yearning for heaven in a cycle of civilisations

09/15/2000: Rescuing Thailand: look inward or outward?

09/08/2000: Thaksin's policies swing like a pendulum

09/01/2000: Thailand: Fazed, dazed and lost in the maze

08/18.2000: Can Thai Rak Thai reverse economic policy?

08/11/2000: The day of the strong baht policy is over

08/04/2000: Afraid of the future, voters look backwards

07/21/2000: Taking the middle path out of economic despair

07/14/2000: Family ties are, sadly, the ties that bind

07/07/2000: For Chuan the bouquet, for Samak the brickbat

06/23/2000: Moody's upgrade raises confidence in Thailand

06/16/2000: Bailout of bad debt is a bad idea

06/09/2000: A Moody's upgrade could boost the Democrats

06/02/2000: Stock market slump is no financial crisis

05/26/2000: At some stage someone has to do something!

05/19/2000: Hand on the tiller: Greenspan weathers the storm

05/05/2000: Trimming the hedge funds is not all good news

04/28/2000: Chuan caught between a rock and a hard place

04/21/2000: Central bank governor's last option: quit

04/07/2000: New law fixes central bank's independence

03/31/2000: Thaksin showmanship lacks substance

03/24/2000: Nationalism is the last refuge of bankrupts

03/10/2000: People face another crisis - that of faith

02/25/2000: The Phoenix gets its wings clipped

02/18/2000: A little self-interest ruins BOT boss's day

02/11/2000: The crystal ball says tourism, agriculture

01/28/2000: Thai history repeats itself

01/14/2000: It's hard to get off the back of the US tiger

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